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October 24, 2023
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Winter Feeding Times for Whitetail Deer: Ensuring Their Survival

Temperatures are dropping, and winter is just around the corner, making it prime time to talk about feeding patterns for whitetail deer. As resilient as they are, the colder months can be a real challenge. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll talk about feeding times for deer in the upcoming season and why it matters.

Why Winter Feeding Matters


It’s important to remember that some of the natural food sources they’re accustomed to eating, like leaves and grass, get dried out or buried under frost and snow at this time of the year. If they don’t have something of substance to eat, they could starve. Consider supplementing their diets with Buck Grits.

Freezing Temps

Staying warm takes a lot of energy, and that means deer need more calories. Their bodies will actually need to consume more than usual to keep body temperature regulated.


Winter feeding for whitetail deer is important because weakened and hungry deer become easy pickings for nearby predators.

Feeding Time Best Practices

Dawn and Dusk

Deer are most active during dawn and dusk. So, if you’re trying to attract them, you need to be sure the food is available at these times.

Consistency is Key

Deer, like many humans, crave a routine. Set a regular feeding schedule and stick to it so they know when to show up for their next meal. Check out which deer feeder might be right for you.

Sheltered Spots

If at all possible, put your feeding site in an area that’s protected from the wind and potential ice or snow. This will give your deer the best shot at being comfortable at meal time…and it’ll keep them coming back for more!


Deer, like all living things, need water. Be sure they have access to a nearby source, especially in the winter when everything is freezing.

Keep an Eye Out

Keep an eye on who’s visiting your plot. How often are they coming around? Do they look strong, or are they starting to appear weaker? That way you can make adjustments as needed

Winter feeding for whitetail deer is essential to build a big, strong herd. As hunters, we have do our part to ensure the deer population not only survives, but thrives when it gets colder out. So, as the temperatures start to drop, make your plans and get ready. After all, taking care of these animals is what it’s all about.

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Follow local and state regulations concerning food plots and feeding deer and other wildlife in your area. 

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Winter Feeding Times – Whitetail Deer | Buck Grits

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