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August 23, 2023
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Food Plot Planning: Are You Making These Mistakes?

In the world of whitetail deer hunting, food plots play a pivotal role. They’re our secret weapon for attracting and sustaining local deer herds. However, even the most seasoned hunters make common errors that can transform dream plots into disappointments. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of these mistakes and how best to avoid them. 

Don’t Skip the Soil Test

First and foremost, we need to emphasize the significance of soil testing. It might not sound like the most exciting thing, but it’s crucial. Remember that soil quality varies from one location to another, making it even more important to understand the conditions you’re working with. Test the dirt for pH and nutrient composition to ensure you’re sowing the right crops. Skipping this step can change everything for your food plot. 

Choose the Right Deer Feed

Another common mistake in food plot planning is choosing the wrong deer feed. You have to think like a deer so that you can provide them with the right nutrients for optimal growth and strength. Avoid artificial flavors and low-quality products that flood the market. 

Instead, consider a high-quality deer feed like Buck Grits, carefully designed to meet the nutritional needs of your herd. Buck Grits boasts a simple yet effective composition, featuring broken corn and corn germ, both rich in fat and protein, to facilitate the growth of a robust and healthy deer population.

Plot Size

A plot that is too small will not adequately feed the local deer population, while one that is too large may become unmanageable. Find the sweet spot that works for your space and the local deer population, striking a balance that ensures success.

Unwanted Visitors

Left unchecked, unwanted guests like weeds and pests can quickly overturn your food plot. The key is to check regularly. Keep them at bay with mowing and herbicides. 


Planting too early or too late can deter deer from visiting your food plot. Work in harmony with the local climate and seasons, considering both spring and fall planting to provide year-round sustenance for the deer.

In conclusion, food plot planning mistakes are common, and even the best deer hunters can make them! Don’t forget to follow local and state regulations concerning food plots and feeding deer and other wildlife in your area. 

We hope these tips will help you succeed.  If you’re looking for top-notch deer feed and other plot supplies, click here

Remember to follow local and state regulations concerning food plots and feeding deer and other wildlife in your area. 

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Whitetail Deer Food Plot – Best Practices | Buck Grits

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